Be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur

“It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s about the quality of your years of experience.”

– Jacob Cass, Logo of the Day

Being taken seriously is always difficult when you’re starting out. I remember some customers telling me that I need to find “a real job” or that “when you get older and get a real job …”. That sucked. It didn’t really budge me all that much though and I think that’s one of the big things to aim for. Don’t let someone older man or woman try to influence what you do. When someone told me stuff like that, I tried to act nicely and I’d curse at them in my head. I’d get my killer-instinct going and I would make sure I get where I want, just to prove them wrong and you should to.

One of the most difficult things is when you meet older people. It doesn’t matter the age difference, as long as they’re older, they can be difficult to deal with. Why you ask? It’s because they think they know more and chances are.. They do. So how do get around this? The answer is simple; show them they’re wrong.

This is easier said than done don’t get me wrong, but if you want to get somewhere, you’re going to have to show them what you’re all about. What you can accomplish and what you have already accomplished! 

We’re now in the process of starting our second business. The estimate is for it to close up on $5.000 just to get the plans ready, both the business and the tech side of things. We’re looking at a million dollar project. You think it’s easy going in to meetings as a 21 year old with no education and start “asking” for money from a bunch of old bankers? It’s not like I’m asking for small sums either. Hell no it ain’t easy. You know how I can actually get the funding though? I show them what I am capable off and what we’re capable of.

If you want to get somewhere as a young entrepreneur you have to work your ass off, fight the tough battles and create something that will make people have faith in you. Don’t let all the time you spend working or “working” leave you with nothing to show for your time invested. In our time time is limited, money isn’t though. You could go do anything and get money, you just need to be strategic.

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